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The decision to sell your home is one of the most important financial transactions you will ever make. We know you have many concerns, and want to make the experience as positive, stress-free and rewarding for you as possible. Whether you are selling your first home or a waterfront estate, you can count on Kelly Baker Properties, LLC to deliver the array and style of services you expect.

COMMITMENT– Our commitment to you, Our Seller

ATTRACTING THE BUYER– Finding the ideal Buyer for the your property

INTERNET– 80% of homebuyers start their search for a new home on the internet therefore, we will link your home to the world through over 1,000 Websites

FOCUS ON ADVERTISING– Media- Local Advertisements through multiple Newspapers and Magazine ads.

OPEN HOUSES– Personal Contact, Weekly Sales Meetings and MLS Exposure

MARKETING– Feature Sheets, Real Estate Reports, Brochures and Direct Marketing to Targeted Buyer Groups

PUBLICITY– Feature Articles and News Stories in Local and National Newspapers; Press Releases and consistently promoting individual listings

CONTRACT TO CLOSING-Close attention and guidance on Contract Details, Inspections, and Important Deadlines

When selling your home, it is unlikely that a buyer will simply find your front door. In most cases, you have to bring your home to the buyer. Effective marketing and on-target pricing ensure that your property receives maximum exposure to attract a ready, willing and able buyer. The appearance of your home, a buyer’s first impression and home prices in your neighborhood all affect the sale of your home. As your listing agent, I will help you present your home for sale with an optimum position in the marketplace.

As a long-time realtor and resident of the area, I have extensive knowledge of our marketplace. I have considerable expertise selling homes in the neighborhood.

Please see below for a listing of services I provide to all of my seller clients:
On our initial meeting:

I tour your home and ask you questions about the property.

Armed with that information, I conduct a search of comparable properties and take a current snapshot of the market.

During our second visit:

I present you with my comparative market analysis along with a proposed selling price for your home.What you do to prepare your home for sale is crucially important. I really enjoy utilizing my eye for design to maximize your return on the sale of your home. Prior to listing your home, I will share my thoughts on readying your home for the market. My suggestions will range from painting and carpet cleaning to yard work. I will be happy to provide you with the names of tradesman to complete the tasks for you and will schedule and oversee their work. Partnering with you, I will set a date to personally work in your home to de-clutter and stage your residence. Builders use model homes for a reason. It is easier for buyers to envision themselves in a well-taken-care-of home where furniture and accessories are placed to their best advantage.

How we are going to announce your home to the marketplace is our next step. We will also go over how I plan to market your home.

Marketing Your Home:

Your home will be listed in the Knoxville Area Multiple Listing Service, only available to real estate agents, and on

Your home, with photographs, a 360 degree virtual tour and detailed information, will also be prominently featured on the company’s website:

A For Sale Sign will be placed in your front garden.

A professional flyer will be created for your residence that details all of your homes selling features. Flyers will be available adjacent to the for sale sign and inside your home.

With your permission, I will arrange a broker open house for area agents to tour your residence.

With your agreement, I will hold open house(s) on targeted Sundays.

We place a weekly ad in the appropriate newspaper and your home will be featured.

Your home will be advertised by me in local publications.

I will personally follow-up to obtain feedback from all real estate agents who show your home so we can use that information to gauge the impressions of the marketplace and, if necessary, brainstorm changes in our sales approach.

Since the market is ever-changing, I keep you abreast of changing market conditions, such as other competing homes on the market, so we can proactively adapt as necessary.

We Have a Buyer:

Once an offer is presented, I counsel you on the terms of the offer. After formulating our response, I will communicate and negotiate with the buyer’s agent on your behalf until we come to agreement. Being an integral part of our local real estate community for years, I personally know many of the real estate agents in our marketplace. These relationships greatly facilitate positive transactions.

Once we have an executed purchase agreement, we wait until various inspection reports are submitted per the terms of the contract. Upon receiving the reports, we will discuss our response and I relay the information to the buyer’s agent.

If any repairs are needed/agreed to, I would be happy to supply contact information for reputable tradesman. I will also schedule the work and be present while it is conducted.

From time of contract to closing, I will handle any communication between you and the buyers through their agent. I will also ensure that all terms of the contract are adhered to such as the date specified for loan approval.

I will coordinate with the closing attorney to ensure all documentation is in order prior to settlement.

If any surprises rear their head throughout the process, I am your advocate and expert. It is my goal to resolve issues to your satisfaction.

At the closing table and beyond I make every effort to serve your best interests. I endeavor to earn and keep your trust and respect.

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  1. Hire a cleaning service. A spotlessly clean home is essential; dirt will turn off a prospect faster than anything.
  2. Mow your lawn, and be sure toys and yard equipment are put away.
  3. Serve cookies, coffee, and soft drinks. It creates a welcoming touch. But be sure the kitchen has been cleaned up; use disposable cups so the sink doesn’t fill up.
  4. Lock up your valuables, jewelry, and money. Although the real estate salesperson will be on site during the open house, it’s impossible to watch everyone all the time.
  5. Turn on all the lights. Even in the daytime, incandescent lights add sparkle.
  6. Send your pets to a neighbor or take them outside. If that’s not possible, crate them or confine them to one room (a basement or bath), and let the salesperson know where to find them.
  7. Leave. It’s awkward for prospective buyers to look in your closets and express their opinions of your home with you there.
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Make your home more appealing for potential buyers with these quick and easy tips.

  1. Trim bushes so they don’t block windows and cut down on light.
  2. Buy a new doormat.
  3. Put bright flowers (or a small evergreen in winter) on your porch.
  4. Put new doorknobs on your doors.
  5. Put a fresh coating on your driveway.
  6. Edge the grass around walks and trees.
  7. Keep your garden tools out of site.
  8. Be sure kids put away their toys.
  9. Buy a new mailbox.
  10. Upgrade the outside lighting.
  11. Use warm, incandescent light bulbs for a homey feel.
  12. Polish or replace your house numbers.
  13. Clean your gutters.
  14. Put out potpourri or burn scented candles.
  15. Buy new pillows for the sofa.
  16. Buy a flowering plant and put it in a window you pass by frequently.
  17. Make a centerpiece for your table with fruit or artificial flowers.
  18. Replace heavy curtains with sheer ones that let in more light.
  19. Buy new towels.
  20. Put a seasonal wreath on your door.

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1. Get estimates from a reliable repair person on items that need to be replaced soon, such as a roof or worn carpeting, for example. In this way, buyers will have a better sense of how much these needed repairs will affect their costs.

2. Have a termite inspection to prove to buyers that the property is not infested.

3. Get a pre-sale home inspection so you’ll be able to make repairs before buyers become concerned and cancel a contract.

4. Gather together warranties and guarantees on the furnace, appliances, and other items that will remain with the house.

5. Fill out a disclosure form provided by your sales associate. Take the time to be sure that you don’t forget problems, however minor, that might create liability for you after the sale.

1. Give your forwarding address to the post office, usually two to four weeks ahead of the move.

2. Notify your credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, and bank of the change of address.

3. Develop a list of friends, relatives, and business colleagues who need to be notified of the move.

4. Arrange to have utilities disconnected at your old home and connected at your new one.

5. Cancel the newspaper.

6. Check insurance coverage for moved items. Usually movers only cover what they pack.

7. Clean out appliances and prepare them for moving, if applicable.

8. Note the weight of the goods you’ll have moved, since long-distance moves are usually billed according to weight. Watch for movers that use excessive padding to add weight.

9. Check with your condo or co-op about restrictions on using the elevator or particular exits.

10. Have a “first open” box with the things you’ll need most—toilet paper, soap, trash bags, scissors, hammer, screwdriver, pencils and paper, cups and plates, water, snacks, and toothpaste.

Plus, if you’re moving out of town:

1. Get copies of medical and dental records and prescriptions for your family and your pets.

2. Get copies of children’s school records for transfer.

3. Ask friends for introductions to anyone they know in your new neighborhood.

4. Consider special car needs for pets when traveling.

5. Let a friend or relative know your route.

6. Carry traveler’s checks or an ATM card for ready cash until you can open a bank account.

7. Empty your safety deposit box.

8. Put plants in boxes with holes for air circulation if you’re moving in cold weather.

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